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Omaha NE – Council Bluffs IA#1 Junk Haulers EXPERT!

Welcome to ABC Junk Removal Of Omaha ! We are a full-service junk removal company that serves Omaha NE – Council Bluffs IA and the surrounding area.

The Fastest Way You Can Receive A Free Quote From Our Junk Removal Experts!
ABC Junk Removal Of Omaha Help You Get Rid Of Your Junk In No Time!

• Junk Pick Up Omaha NE – Council Bluffs IA
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The Fastest Way You Can Receive A Free
Quote From Our Junk Removal Experts

1. Text ABC Junk Removal of Omaha at (402) 810-6907 and include a picture of your junk!

2. Once you’ve texted our number, you’ll immediately receive a quote via text!

3. If you agree with the proposed price, we’ll schedule a pickup for same-day service or whatever date and time works for you! 

Preparing your home for an upcoming move? Decluttering your home of unwanted junk? Cleaning out your office or estate? ABC JUNK REMOVAL OF OMAHA is available to help clear out your clutter and take away your unwanted junk. Our junk removal services provide a fast and easy solution for all your hauling needs.

Our team knows junk removal. We know it so well, we made it part of our name. We proudly offer junk removal and recycling solutions for your home, office, and beyond. Our eco-friendly junk removal experts will remove all non-hazardous items from anywhere on your property—yes, even up in your attic, down in the basement, and out in the backyard—and responsibly dispose of all unwanted clutter and debris.

What We Do

Residential &


Greenwaste / Yard Cleanup




Scrap Metal, etc.

Local & Eco Friendly

Trash & Junk Hauling Services

We offer our services to the entire Omaha NE – Council Bluffs IA Area! Not sure if we serve your area? Check out our Areas of service. ABC Junk Removal Of Omaha offers inexpensive trash hauling and junk removal services to residential and commercial customers. We do all the loading, cleanup, pickup and dumping of your unwanted junk, making sure we recycle as much of it as possible.

Property Cleanout

Professional property cleanouts, ready today. We provide professional property cleanout, rental property cleanouts, foreclosure cleanouts, & apartment cleanouts to homeowners, property managers, landlords, and realtors.

Has a tenant left you with a house full of junk? Need to show a house but the garage is full of junk?

Our company is fully licensed, with liability insurance coverage of $2-million, and worker’s compensation.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

Ready for full service junk removal & hauling?

Shed Tear Down and Removal

Sheds are great and provide needed storage space on any property but eventually the day comes when the shed starts to show its age. Wooden or metal, the shed deterioration means it’s time to tear the structure down and get rid of it. Wood rots after many years of exposure to the elements, such as rain and wind. Metal tends to rust after awhile. Our junk removal pros not only remove and haul away any size shed….

Fire and Flood Damage Cleanup

Which is worse? Fire or flood? In the opinion of ABC Junk Removal Of Omaha, both can be devastating and consequences affect you and your property equally. A fire creates unbelievable carnage. Between smoke, flames and the amount of water used to squelch the flames, furniture can be ruined beyond repair. Walls might have to be removed, along with carpeting. Wooden flooring and cabinets crumble under the heat and you most likely will be unable to salvage anything within the house

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